About Us

Hotel Royal Inn is a completely new concept in hospitality service in Tripura. Hotel Royal Inn services experience can be brought closer to your doorstep, bringing its quality restaurant culinary standards and personalised service excellence. Our highly experienced event managers and service team will assess your event needs and create concept menus in accordance to your preferences, and provide a party of your dreams.

Our story

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Hotel Royal Inn is an owner-operated, full-service off-premise hospitality company that believes our clients should get nothing less than exactly what they want. With more than seventeen years in a real estate enterpreneur businessman, Mr. Jatan shib established the company in 2014 with a simple goal; to provide exceptional accomodational and food to Udaipur and Entired Tripura.

The Compamy renovated by Pradip Debnath in the year of 2017 for changing styles,industry trends and to maintain a modern look.Royal Inn success is due to Pradip’s dedication in using the freshest ingredients and finest preparation techniques. Infusing his own standards of quality, imagination and customer service, (the company has flourished through the past two decades)n. As a growing firm, Hotel Royal Inn prides itself in evolving each season through new menus, fresh ideas and a team of capable individuals passionate about what they do.